Telekha started in the year 2015, is a young IT startup company with a unique vision of reshaping the Indian face of employment and migration

Rohit Chandra, the founder & CEO of Telekha has studied and understood erroneous effects of this migration. He always wanted to see India in its villages and he was scared that no sooner India would lose all its villages with the current pace of migration. The urban migration is creating turmoil in the ancient Indian cultures and traditions from the past two decades. It has seen the migration of about 30% in searching of employment and better income. Rohit has laid the stone of Telekha, with his years of understanding, knowledge, and skills to curb the migration and provide better and skilled employment opportunities to the rural India. With the first branch in Huzurabad, Karimnagar, Telekha plans to expand its wings and take the jobs to all the corners of rural India where MNCs and other organizations have failed to reach.

With this vision in the minds of Telekha, we believe that shortly, we will be able to contribute our fair share in arresting the migration, on the other hand providing skilled and advanced jobs in the field of Information and Technology.


Telekha shares its mission and runs parallel to the Government of Telangana. Although Telekha is a young startup company, the dedicated family of Telekha is no lesser than any other leading market in comparison of skills and dedication.

Telekha is a young startup company with a family of fresh & experienced minds from the fields of innovation, creativity, designing, and bigger dreams contributing to Telekha's upcoming significant creations. Currently, we have our team of experts working in the development of various mobile apps, web services, IT and industrial solutions. We truly believe that our mission stands atop and distinct from other leading global markets, established and emerging startups. It is because we are a startup who are working on making a mark on the world market alongside keeping the migration in the count.

We study different villages across the state and take our employment right to those rural areas. It gives ground for standing true to our vision of curbing jobs and leading the global market in the future. Thus, even our solutions and services are holistic both in production and delivery.