Leadership Team

Rohith Chandra Ponnam


Telekha Networking Technologies is built on the ideas of educating, entertaining, and empowering the rural youth by addressing and resolving the employment and developmental issues. Massive migrations of skilled young, skilled, and educated young people to the cities from the lack of proper work in rural India made me think of Telekha.

I believe that villages provide the most efficient and natural environment. They provide a high ground for inheriting values, framing passionate teams, and imparting the employees to their skills. It gives a great chance of curbing migration and bringing back the prosperity to the villages. Although this wouldn't happen overnight, I believe that patience, persistence, and perseverance will keep us going and achieve our goals in the near future.

I would like to give a heartful thanks to our honorable ministers K.T.R., Etela Rajender, and the Government of Telangana, who have extended their support and assistance from the very beginning. I very much appreciate the Government for supporting and encouraging Startups.