India is a developing country and education plays a vital part in its emergence. Educational services play a great role in improving the quality and standards of the schooling system. Although education system in India has been one of the most efficient, lack of a proper maintenance system is creating a perplex on both the results and understanding. In the current situation of Indian education having a service ultimately rendered to better the efficiency of the system not only benefits the students but also helps the system keep a track and improve the necessary. Many students in the recent past have face difficulty in choosing the proper course that could fit their goals. Telekha has thought through our educational system and brought into action the services keeping in mind of all the loopholes of our current education system. These services which fill the needs of educational system not only improves the standards but also helps in furnishing better results.

With these services teachers, students and even the parents could check on the progress and take the necessary actions of improvement.

  • Information about courses on target mobile apps
  • Tracking & sending student progress to parents & teachers
  • Pop-up messages & alerts
  • Newsletters
  • Class-scheduling
  • Homework reminders & trackers
  • Work progress trackers
  • Online payments for educational and related services