Drone Solutions

Drone Solutions has made it big with its varied task completing capabilities. It has provided an era which has opened new gates and opportunities for several industries. From significant infrastructure projects to agriculture, and from mining to transportation sectors, the practice of drones is skyrocketing in diverse industries. In fact, some of the early adopters of this disruptive device also include telecoms operators, which hold a record of deriving remarkable profits from drone technology.


In a review report based on Drone technology and its solutions, PwC calculated the entire market value of drone driven solutions at more than $127 billion. If organizers can make wise investments in this scenario, they can definitely acquire a vital share of that large pool of value in the forthcoming years 


Drones in Telecommunication sector  You must be thinking How can a telecom company gain profits from drone technology? Let me answer it for you! for the telcos across the globe, drones have opened up possibilities to create both internal efficiencies in their individual operations and also new revenues from an extensive array of drone-related services. According to the PwC report, $6.3 billion is the market standing position of drones in this sector. Drones are all set to provide huge benefits to companies. 


Drones in Infrastructure & Construction Drones have also gained their expertise in the areas from infrastructure investigation and maintenance to managing and storing data. Drones are even utilised to set up drone traffic control centers for proper management in various sectors, and much more. The global market for drone sin the field of infrastructure lies near to $45.5 billion (as per the PwC report). Drones are definitely highly effective in covering the area of the site. They sustain an unique ability to provide maps and surveillance report on day to day basis of the site ensures an effective and efficient management and measurement of the project. It has its perks of having an excellent security too.


Drones in Mining One of the primary industry for the application of drone solutions is mining, It contains a potential market value of $4.3 billion (according to the PwC report). Drones can be utilized in practically every phase of the mining life cycle. This implies that they can be utilized from all the way from exploration, through construction, to operations and post-closure monitoring.

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Site Surveying
  • Traffic management
  • Blast Planning
  • Water Management