Information and communicating accurate information were, is, and forever will be the most valuable assets of humankind. In the past decade, the industry of communications has seen some of the greatest innovations which have filled the gaps of almost every modern loophole. Even with the proper information and the presentation skills, failing to deliver at the correct time or delaying the message gives a bad perception to a person in the crowd and also spoils the standards of the measures. Most experience this, and without proper tools, many fail to manage and keep a healthy track of their daily tasks. Particularly in the modern world of hustlers, a slight delay of work could push one back miles. Even though you are punctual for yourself, sometimes the team fails to be useful in your absence.

Cognizing all these things, the team of Telekha has designed a fascinating set of tools which helps you push better the hustler in you and the people around. These tools act as reminders and schedulers create a punctual environment both in personal and professional worlds. These tools not only helps you as an individual but also helps tracking and scheduling for the entire team.

  • Work reminders
  • Intersection of Emails & SMS
  • Schedule tasks & meetings
  • Work attendance
  • Work timings & durations
  • Customizable reminders

Our tools help you in improving time management, punctuality, work reminders, the intersection of emails & SMS, schedule tasks, and meetings.