Who we are

Telekha is a young startup company with a team of fresh and experienced minds with plentiful talent and skills. Telekha looks into all the possible corners of the booming global and local market, thereupon filling the gaps. Innovation, creativity combined with technology and information are the grounds on which Telekha works. On every aspect of Telekhas service, the innovative teams create a fresh product, later on, our creative team blends it with the futuristic applications and enhancing the quality of the results. Telekha also looks into the invisible things the global companies ignore and take up the tasks which most startups dare not to.

Our team of experts at Telekha, from the fields of information, technology, creativity, and innovation has come forth with futuristic flavored tools. The set of instruments cover all the grounds of modern services and also take into consideration the things which the leading companies failed to achieve from lack of local understanding. With these factors on tables of Telekha, we push our minds into the fresh and unexplored corners of the markets. In doing so, the results Telekha obtain would be paramount in the current startup market and global industry.As a startup, with abundant opportunities and healthy competitions, Telekha aims to move ahead by implementing ideas and bringing services that foster the path of customer-centric business. Although there are some leading service providers in the current world, Telekha will soon stand tall, compete the leading markets and be a prime in the global market by providing greater service to the customers shortly. At Telekha, we believe that our holistic approch will make us emerge as a leading company in the near future and be a cardinal in the global market.